Random Text Message Rant!

While I’m on a roll voicing my opinion :-), here’s something I have a REAL PROBLEM with… TEXTING WHILE DRIVING! It is so dangerous. Yesterday I was turning left on the on the on-ramp for the highway and someone was turning right… very slowly. Then she was barely crawling on the on-ramp. Uh, you have to speed up to be able to safely get ON the highway. Then she was swerving and she got to the part where it shakes your car because you’re not on the pavement, THEN she looked up. All that way, she was TEXTING! That is SO not safe!

Last spring, my son (who isn’t always careful) looked both ways, thought he had enough time to cross the street even though there was a car all the way down the street. The lady was driving WAY too fast for a residential neighborhood AND TEXTING at the same time! All you have to do is take a little look around and you can see that there are a LOT of kids in our neighborhood! Be careful for heaven’s sake! Well, he was crossing and next thing you know, she looked up, slammed on her brakes. Thank GOD she didn’t hit him!!! Another neighbor told me this… I didn’t see it. Can you imagine hitting a child on the street because you were TEXTING? Or causing an accident on the highway (or anywhere for that matter)???

Just a short post begging you NOT to TEXT and DRIVE!!!

Any thoughts??

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