Election Reality

Ok, it’s time for an election reality check. I have debated about entering my $.22 about the election, but there IS a lot at stake with this election… just like any other election. I’ve heard people complain that they can’t even turn on their tvs because of the campaign ads, to which I chuckle because I’ve seen maybe 1 or 2 tv campaign ads because I simply don’t watch that much tv… BUT, that doesn’t mean I’m not informed. What B.O. and J.M. proclaim in their 30 second spots are probably nothing but cliche promises that in REALITY, they really have no control over…

Take the current economic situation. I have a newsflash… neither B.O. nor J.M. is going to single-handedly restore the current US economic situation. See, our government is set up with many checks and balances (which can be a good thing, and our “forefathers” were very wise in setting this up). So, while each candidate may have a “plan”, that plan has to pass through congress and by the time it does will probably not reflect all aspects of the potential presidents initial plan anyways. So, if you’re listening to either candidate and are chosing to vote for him because of his economic plan, you need to realize that he (either one) is not going to fix all problems starting January 20th.

The war. I’ve heard my own children repeat what they have heard other adults say when it comes to the war… and my kids have NO idea. The problem is, is that adults repeat what other adults say (whether friends, co-workers or the oh-so-unbiased news media) and they are saying things that they have NO idea about. (Want a quick laugh pointing out the fact that most Americans don’t even know where the candidates stand on the issues? Click HERE.) Why don’t we ask Iraqis what they think about us being there? Why don’t we ask our American soldiers what they think about being there? Why don’t we ask our American soldiers who they would like to see as Commander in Chief? I get emails from a friend in Iraq and the answers would be surprising. The Iraqi people are thankful for what the Americans are doing in Iraq and the majority of soldiers are confident of the mission and wish to see it to completion. Not perfection, completion. What about other serious threats… Iran? Korea? and on and on? We HAVE to take an offensive so we’re not on the defensive once again like we were after 9/11.

Issues – There are so many. One thing the president does have power to do is to appoint Supreme Court Justices – who have power over many issues. Democrats will toot that all the Republicans think about or focus on is the abortion issue. Let’s be honest here, folks, it’s more than abortion that’s at stake here. Not only does abortion kill innocent babies (yes, they are babies, they are alive, they have a soul and God has a plan for their lives… read Psalm 139:13, Isaiah 49:5, Jer. 1:5 ), the mothers are haunted by the memory and the regret the “choice” later in life. I have met many women that while forgiven by the Father have a hard time forgiving themselves. Here are some quotes from mothers:

“Death is permanent and there is no looking back.”
“I do not wish to say much, but that was the WORST decision I have ever made.
“It still hurts like it was yesterday.
“I deeply regret what I have done and I have to live with the fact that I killed a innocent child. “

Ok, this is not just an abortion post, but abortion is real. It kills the innocent and also a part of the women who experienced it.

Ties – You’ve heard the accusations, over and over again. Listen, if you are a parent of any child, especially teenagers, you are concerned who your kids are hanging around with. Why? Because, “bad company corrupts good morals.” (1 Cor. 15:33). You don’t want them hanging out with kids that are engaged in less than moral behavior or just up to NO GOOD. It will affect them. They will be associated with them, even if they don’t participate in the same behaviors. DO NOT DISREGARD the relationships that the presidential candidates are tied to. I personally do NOT want the president of my country to be a buddy to terrorists, anti-Israel and socialists. Do the names William Ayers – admitted terrorist, Rashid Khalidi – critic of Israel, Ted Thomas & Ruth Schools (socialists…) mean anything to you?? Google them. Time to open our eyes to who you may be voting for.

No, I’m not thrilled about this election, but there is a better choice for America. America that was founded on the principles of the TRUTH of the Word of God. When we abandon our roots, we abandon who we are as Americans. No, the president will not be an end-all to world crisis, the economic downfall or fix every problem in America, but I will vote knowing that as an American, as a Christian, I stand for the issues and the candidate that best honor my Creator. One Nation Under God. Am I worried? Nope. I believe this election plays right into biblical eschatology… and He is still in control. Make the right choice America. One that will let you sleep at night, knowing you made the right one. PS. It rhymes with, “Ick! Rain!”


Any thoughts??

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