The Game of Life…

*OK, so we launched and I haven’t blogged since! This past week was insanely busy for ALL of us that are linked in to LP. We had 3 preview services this summer that we had a month in-between to evaluate the last service, enjoy a day or 2 off, and plan and prepare for the next service. However, now we’ve launched so there’s 1 week… You know, church every week! 🙂 Normal right?? Well, that means getting the KidsLife lesson ready, updating the Linked In list… and changing themes – the launch service was, well, “The Launch”, and the 1st series is called “The Game of Life.” This series will go on for 4 weeks. I hope to have some pictures from Sunday from Angela when she emails me (hint hint :-)). My camera is still broken :-(. The stage and church set-up was decorated with sports stuff, for the GAME of life. The cafe is a tailgate party. Jen does a fabulous job with the creative team!!!

So, this Sunday was “The Game of Life – Learning”. Kevin preached behind a student desk. He shared a little bit Saturday night about what he would be preaching about. Honestly, I was like (to myself), “Well, that sounds nice. Some practical teaching about learning from God’s word…” Well, I didn’t hear the message, but I heard the results. God took that message and made it personal for several people there. He really touched their hearts and it was just what they needed to hear at just the right time. Ain’t He so perfect??? Back in KidsLife, three kids accepted Christ and joined “God’s Team” during our “Super Sports Spectacular!” Oh! He is so GOOD!!! He is GOD!

It truly was an exhausting week. We are a fully functioning church with a small group of committed believers willing to do whatever it takes to reach people in this community and beyond! I am proud of the LP team. Yes, I said proud. And I think our Father is proud of you too! He is working and He is blessing and this is the most amazing journey!! I praise YOU God!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

**I have a blog that I’ve been sitting on for about 2 weeks. I didn’t post it because God wasn’t finished dealing with ME yet. Can I just say He is so good and so faithful. He is so satisfying. The words of Psalm 63 are my own. I just love my Father.

***So, soccer season finished up this weekend with the Fall tournament! It was unseasonably HOT (85) and sunny! It was a fabulous weekend for soccer. It could’ve been miserable… 35 and raining, but NO! The Lord blessed us with much needed sunshine, for the body and the soul. Have I mentioned how GOOD He is???

****Happy Birthday to the LOVE of my life – my hubby of 14 years – Kevin. Sunday he turned a whopping 36!!! Love that the in-laws came down (to watch soccer and) and took their son and his family to Outback Steakhouse. It was SO YUMMY! I so praise God for my hubby! 10 years ago I prayed for God to move in his heart, change his life and really fall in love with Jesus… and look where He’s taken us! One year ago, Kevin spent a week in the hospital, very sick. God used that time to really get Kevin’s attention and to answer the call for what was the next ministry calling for him (us) – church planting. He/we had been saying NO! for about a year. There were too many reasons NOT to do it, but God confirmed what we already knew was He was calling us to. Do we keep running or submit to the call and trust Him??? We chose trust Him and He never fails. Hmmm, didn’t mean to get into all that, but can’t ya’ just “taste and see that the LORD IS GOOD”? Oh, He is so good!

PS Check out my Cousin Judy’s new ministry! I’m proud of you too Judy and Larry!!!


Any thoughts??

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