Kaboshes and other Random Stuff

OK! I need help here. What does the word Kaboshes mean? Where does it come from? How do you really spell it?? (I just know it’s wrong because it’s underlined… ). Please do inform ‘lil ‘ol ignorant me.

Why? Because I want to use it in a sentence!! We had great plans for a lil field trip this morning, but the stomach flu x2 put the KABOSHES on that. 2 am… Daughter #1 enters our bedroom, crying, “Mommy!!! I don’t feel so well! My stomach hurts…..”. enters bathroom… lovely sound of… well, you know what. 2:20 am, round 2. 2:40 am, round 3. 3:00 am… in comes Daughter #2 “Mommy!!! I don’t feel so well! My stomach hurts…..”. enters bathroom… lovely sound of… well, you know what. Then, taking turns, every 20 minutes ’til about 8:30 am. Lovely. We were going to accompany my hubby to the Neil Armstrong museum (he was doing a video shoot about LAUNCHING for the service Sunday). But, about 2:20, I realized that “it was not God’s will for us to take a field trip tomorrrow, uh, today.” Now, didn’t that sound spiritual? HA! The girls had ice cream last night with their soccer team, so I thought maybe it was that. Maybe it was a bad batch of ice cream. I was hoping… because THIS IS NO TIME FOR THE STOMACH FLU TO BE GOING AROUND THE GRUBBIE FAMILY!!! But, after talking to a couple of other mom’s today, who’s daughters are JUST FINE… tells me it wasn’t the ice cream! Please pray that the BUCK stops with the girls and that the flu doesn’t put the KABOSHES on the rest of the weekend (ie. SUNDAY!)… especially for my HUBBY!!!

In other news… did you watch the debate! Go SARAH! She rocked the podium! Today, my neighbor editorially comments that I just like her ‘cuz she’s a woman! Well, let me tell ya’… NO. She is right on in so many areas. I love that she’s not Washington “in the know.” I love that she stays true to the issues that she believes in (most of which I see EYE to EYE with her on! Yes, America, we can be tolerant on some things, but we don’t go re-defining what marriage is! CNN poll says that Biden won the debate… WHAT A SHOCKER!!! NOT!

Not sure the financial crisis was “resolved” today… Anyone else feel the same way???

Finally, yesterday’s conversation with my son started with, “Mom, I know you’re the oldest person in the world. Well, not as old as God, though.” How do you respond to that??? LOL


Any thoughts??

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