Not Just a Wedding

The preparations for Sunday are in FULL SWING and let me tell ya’, some things that are happening for this Sunday are OVER THE TOP! There are some really dedicated, creative people pressing on with some sa-weet ideas that will make October 5th, the launch of LifePoint Community Church, memorable, exciting, unique, relevant and the start of a kingdom – building ministry for generations to come.

All the preparations, all the plans, all the prayers… remind me a bit of planning a wedding. I was blessed when I got married that my Mom did a LOT of the legwork for the wedding planning. I picked out the dress. We chose a hall. Kevin picked the cake (well, we had to let him pick something… it WAS his wedding too!! :-)). We picked bridesmaids and groomsman and even picked out what they were going to wear. We decorated, we partied, we stressed, we compromised, we had a heck of a wedding!! It was a blast, we expressed our vows, our lives were forever changed. But, that was just the wedding. All that preparation goes into a wedding, but oftentimes there’s not a lot of pre-wedding preparation for the MARRIAGE! What is really more important? The one-day wedding event or the lifelong living out of the marriage vows??

As I make this analogy, if you have been or will be praying for LifePoint Community Church, please pray not only for October 5th (THE event) but for October 12th, October 19th and beyond. October 6th is where the rubber meets the road. While we had a month between services this summer, we will now be full swing into meeting each week as a corporate body and staying true to the promise that we will be IN the community. It will continue to be a lot of work. There will be challenges. There will be blessings. Please pray that we remain Christ-focused, diligent, optimistic, strong, innovative, and missional. Please pray that we stay true to our purpose statement of “Connecting the Community to Christ”, our core value and our action statements. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers! We have received emails from around the world and are humbled by the outpouring of prayer on behalf of the ministry of LifePoint. We thank you and ask that you pray for October 5th AND BEYOND…


Any thoughts??

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