Unbelievable! 1 Kings 17:14

1 Kings 17:14 – “This is what the LORD God of Israel says: ‘The flour jar will not become empty and the oil jug will not run dry until the day of the LORD sends rain on the surface of the land.’”

Elijah was visiting a widow and her son. He 1st asked for some water, so she fetched it for him. Then he asked for some bread. Now, keep in mind, this was a time of terrible famine. What she had left in her home was all that she had for herself and her son, a little flour and a little oil. She told Elijah that she was preparing for “myself and my son to eat it and die.” Then Elijah showed up, a prophet, a servant of the LIVING GOD. He proceeds to tell her that she’s not going to run out of flour or oil until the Lord sends rain. So she bakes him a little bread and THE WORD was truth. She never ran out of flour or oil. “The household ate for many days” according to the word of the LORD.

God is so faithful! Oh to be humbled again at His glorious provision! Kevin went to his car today after working at Mission Possible, and next to the car were BOXES of FOOD (AGAIN!!!) with a note that said,

For the Grubinskis

1st Kings 17:14


You are loved

We have hardly made a dent in the last blessing!! God is so good! We give HIM glory! At His marvelous Hand, we praise! At the top of my lungs I will sing Hallelujah!

When we resigned from our previous ministry, we didn’t have other income lined up. We only knew two things;

1) This is what we were supposed to be doing beyond a shadow of a doubt.

2) He will provide for our needs (Phil 4:19).

  • The week our severance was to end, someone mentioned that a certain company was hiring and I should apply. That was Sunday. By Friday I got an offer. HE PROVIDED!
  • We had hoped to raise a certain amount of funds for LifePoint before the launch, but with about 15-20% of what we had “planned” He has met our every need along the way. He showed us how much we can depend on Him and not money coming in. (His ways are not our ways! Isa. 55:8).
  • We looked at my cards (I do index cards) of bills and estimated what was coming in for the next week or so, and all there was to do was pray. He met every need. Paid every bill.
  • Launch was still six weeks away, and the cash-er-ola wasn’t flowing in, so getting a steady paycheck from LP was not in the game plan. However, Kevin was asked to come on staff on a contract basis with Mission Possible to work on a project they have going on in the D.R. for a couple months. Filled in the gap. His marvelous provision. His perfect timing!

Why does God allow times of struggle? If you recap this past year, you could say we were struggling financially… Yes, we were trusting God (90% of the time, uh, we had our moments!!!), but at times we were asking, “Seriously, God. We’re doing what You’ve called us to do. Why does it have to be so hard?” Have you asked those questions? Why do people suffer? Why does he allow cancer? Tragic car accidents? Relationship trouble? Depression??

I’ve heard it said, “Oh, Satan is just attacking you because of what you are trying to do for God…” Really? While I do believe that Satan and his demons are absolutely real, I know that NOTHING comes to us before passing through the Father’s approval. Don’t believe me? Read the book of Job. No. I believe that God allows us to go through various trials to see how we’ll react. Satan wants us to just chuck it all and say, well, maybe this wasn’t God’s will (church planting, or whatever you are doing). He wants us to curse God. But, on the contrary, God allows times for us to jump up and snuggle on His lap. Listen, I don’t like it when my kiddos fall off their bike and scrape a knee. But, I do love providing comfort to them by caring for their wounds our just holding them for a while! Do you realize He loves you so much more than you even love your kiddos?? He loves comforting us. He loves holding us. He is our Abba-Father! I also believe that God allows various trials to bring Himself glory! That’s why I am blogging about His marvelous provision and these blessings of groceries! I will bring Him glory. He deserves all glory and honor and praise!

You know, even when our cupboards were almost empty, I knew I was never out of His hands and that He had not left us, but OH to be shown so tangibly, so practically. He is so faithful. What I love about our Father is He is faithful even when we are not faithful. He is faithful even when we don’t SEE Him being faithful. He is working. Thank you, anonymous person. Thank you for being a servant of the Living God. We will not go hungry, our flour will NOT run out and our oil jar will never be empty! I praise You Jehovah-Jireh, My Provider. Hallelujah! And however you are struggling, whatever your trial… let this be a testimony to you. You CAN trust Him. He is faithful. He LOVES you more than you can imagine. He will use the trial for His glory. Watch and see! It’s an amazing ride!

Like the widow, give God what you have, and HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!


Any thoughts??

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