Carwash, Mercy Me & Settlers…

This is the end of a wonderful whirlwind weekend!! I’ll start with today and go backwards…

This morning was our “run-through” for next week’s launch! I will be teaching kiddos next Sunday, so I was thrilled to sit in the run-through. I have to be “quiet” about all that is going to take place next week for the LAUNCH of LifePoint Community Church, Findlay, Ohio, but I can tell you this… It will be OUT OF THIS WORLD! If you are anywhere near Findlay, Ohio next Sunday, October 5th, stop by at 10:00 am!! Wait! Stop by at 9:30 am for Panera bagels and coffee!!!!

This afternoon we did a FREE carwash in our parking lot. Yes, it was FREE! NO DONATIONS ACCEPTED! In fact, we even gave out free Dietsch’s One-Dip Cone cards for anyone who DID get their car washed! WHY?? Why did we do a FREE car wash?? Number one, we want to serve this community. We want to be a blessing to this community. We want people to know that we are “for real” and we mean what we say when we say we want to be active in the needs of this community. We don’t want to just DO church, we want to BE the church!! Number two, we wanted to invite the community to our launch service next week! People are really grasping what we are all about, an action ministry, an outward ministry… and we are getting a VERY positive response!

Last night we went to a Mercy Me concert. Kutless opened for them. Both groups were phenomenal. We got FREE TICKETS (GO GOD!) Thursday and we were ministered to greatly by the God-Glorifying music!! The music is fantastic!! We were hopping. We were praising. We were lifting our hands. We were blessed and we sang our little hearts out to God! It was exhilarating, refreshing and Spirit-filled! What a night!

Friday night we hung out with some friends and played Settlers of Catan and ate cookie monsters (ice cream over freshly baked chocolate chip cookies). If you’ve never heard of it, you’re missing out! We love this game! We were introduced to it about 5 years ago, and everyone we’ve introduced it to ends up buying it! I was the victor for the first game (um, that’s bragging, isn’t it?) and Stacey pulled one out for the 2nd. Win or lose, it was a great night. It is fun to have great Christian friends and just fellowship sometimes…

Anyhoo, that’s the recap. Busy, a blast, blessed. It was a wonderful, whirlwind weekend!

PS – Prayer request… I have no pictures to post because I DROPPED my camera Thursday night and the lens won’t go in… I’m going to take it to a camera shop this week, so hopefully it will be a quick and easy fix! Please pray for my little camera… uh, I really want it for the LAUNCH!!! 🙂


Any thoughts??

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