T Minus 10 – 9 – 8 – …

We are TEN, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 DAYS away from the Launch of LifePoint Community Church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All this praying, planning and preparations are coming to a head and it’s CRUNCH time! How weird it will having church every SUNDAY again (PRAISE THE LORD)! God is already making an impact on people through LP. One woman is SO close to accepting Christ. She already told me she wants to bring her son to LP. I KNOW God is going to radically transform her life and rock her world to abundant life in Christ. I’m not going to go into details, but please be in prayer for her. Another awesome lady has given her life to Christ. God has BIG things in store for her – He is a BIG God! Personally, God has once again stretched me and pruned me through these past 10 months! I am definitely closer to Him and my faith is being increased daily. Exhausting at times, YES, exhausting times to come??? YES! But there is NOTIHNG like SERVING THE LORD! There is nothing like seeing someone accept HIS free gift of salvation. There is nothing like seeing a prodigal come back to the foot of the cross! There is nothing like watching the lukewarm become on fire once again!

Oh God! How You’ve already magnificently blessed the ministry that You laid on our hearts. If all LP existed for was the lady mentioned above, it would be worth it all, but I BELIEVE that You have GREAT things planned for Findlay, Ohio. There are people that don’t have any idea that YOU are going to come in and CHANGE their lives. God, keep us humble! This is all about YOU! Anything good in us is from You and anything good that is done is from and for You! Use us Lord Jesus for your glory and to grow your kingdom! Keep us so close to you that we sense Your Spirit within us. Lead this ministry, guide the leaders, increase our faith. Convict us of our sin and draw us to repentance that we may be clean vessels set apart to do Your work. Pour out your Spirit upon us and let people RUN to Your Name, be healed in YOUR NAME and live for YOU. You are mighty and awesome and perfect!! You are a strong tower, powerful, alive and LOVING! Pour out your love to this community and may MANY, MANY, MANY come to Christ because of your great LOVE! I bless you and praise You for ALL that You’ve done and ALL that You are going to do!


Any thoughts??

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