Homeschooling… abandoning our Public Schools to the Left??

After posting this Fox News article,2933,426150,00.html, one question posed (which is a valid question) was, “So are we to retreat and surrender our public schools to the Left?” Here’s my answer that didn’t fit in the Facebook comment section:

I’d have to answer this in two parts:

1) Why we homeschool (now).
a)Academic Reasons – You can’t beat a 1-3 Ratio.
b)TIME – As a family in ministry, there isn’t an 8-5 schedule and evenings/weekends can get rather crazy. HSing provides us the flexibility to do things together that we may not have time otherwise. In addition, school kids spend all day in school, then have 1-2 hours of homework when they get home. There’s a LOT of wasted time in PS.
c) The BIBLE – Along the same line as the time factor, HSing allows us the time to teach the Bible through the kids’ academics and in addition to the academics.
d) There are a lot of things you can do while HSing, like serve Jesus (with your parents)…

That’s why we homeschool, for now.

2) As far as handing over our schools to the left… I believe that is already happening… Now, this is not a main reason for HSing for us, although I won’t lie and say it wasn’t a factor. I am willing to teach and explain at home what is presented at school that differs with our beliefs. However, after spending 2 years recently in the PS as staff, I have seen the decline (L influence) dramatically even since I 1st left teaching 10 years ago!
-Where is the moral code? Without the Bible, there is no moral code. I sat in a classroom a year and a half ago and heard G-D D— several times during an “educational” movie for the students. If that had been A—- D—… there would’ve been an uproar.
-4th grade students in our SD do a lesson on religions – Buddhism, Islam, Judaism… that doesn’t include Jesus Christ – Christianity. Any given School District is forbidden from teaching about Jesus Christ, or the 10 Commandments. Hmmmm… smells like a donkey to me.
-More and more restrictions are placed on public schools, government offices… Where is all of that coming from? The lefty philosophy of “what may be right for you isn’t right for me, so we’re not going to have any of it”. But, that ends up not being true… they just eliminate the Christian influence.

In conclusion, Democrat or Republican, Left or Right, it is up to each family following God’s leading as to whether Homeschooling is for you or not. Thankfully it’s still one of the options for schooling in America, at least for now. If God leads your family to be a light amidst the Public Schools (as He did previously for us and if He leads again, we will do again) that is just as fantastic as Homeschooling.


Any thoughts??

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