Home Update…

Julia is 10!! – How is this possible? Double digits!! Tuesday is Julia’s 10th birthday! My water broke at 10:45 pm Tuesday September 22nd (the night of my Grandpa’s funeral) and she was born the next day (my Grandpa’s birthday)! Julia is a JOY. She is intense and sensitive. When she’s happy she’s bouncing on the clouds, when she’s sad the whole world is crumbling. We often say we should’ve named her Julia “Roberts” Grubinski, because she would make a great actress!! She is full of surprises. God has begun a good work in her. She recently re-committed her life to Christ when she was visiting friends (while we were in the D.R.) because she “wasn’t sure she really understood when she was four.” Praise the Lord. Ju Ju has oodles of friends, from the neighborhood, church, soccer, homeschool group etc. She’s a lot of FUN! Julia, God has wonderful plans for you. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without you and I STILL thank HIM for blessing us with YOU!!!
PARTY TIME: With the Big 1-0 this week, Friday night we hosted a sleepover party with 10 9 & 10 year olds!! WHAT WERE WE THINKING??? No, just kidding! It was great! They had a blast. Doesn’t it just make you so happy to see your kiddos having fun??? Sunday we celebrated with the grandparents and cousins! Fun Weekend!!! (We are still recovering!!! LOL)

The Girlies!!! Party time!!!

SCHOOL! I know it’s only September, but this school year is going GREAT! We took the advice of the homeschool evaluator and switched some things up this year. For starters, I am doing more stuff with Julia and Emma together. It has made such a difference not hopping from child to child to do a lesson, help with that, teach this… Also, she recommended a different reading program that is going fabulously with each child at their level. Joey is already making leaps and bounds in reading this year! The majority of our school time is in the morning, then when I have to leave for work, they finish up their assignments under Daddy’s supervision. One thing that helps keep us on schedule, starting on time, is that we watch a little neighborhood girl in the morning and she catches the bus at our house. When she leaves, we get started. We actually start before the public school kids do :-)! I prayed and asked God if we were supposed to be homeschooling again this year and definitely felt like this is how we’re being led. I love the time with my kiddos and watching them grow academically and spiritually.

LIGHT at the end of the TUNNEL: Things are getting better around here. God is providing and working out so many things. I think the worst is over (financially). With the steady income that He is providing from here on out, we should be ok. I just praise Him! Honestly, I was starting to freak out because some more responsibility fell into my lap… but, wouldn’t you know that God may just be providing the person to take that over?? We have been BUSY BUSY BUSY… and I’m not exaggerating. We all have seasons like this, right? I do see the light at the end of the tunnel for this as well. God gives us grace to get done each day what needs to get done… and even have time to blog about it :-)! I am GIDDY excited about the LAUNCH coming up… more tomorrow!!!


Any thoughts??

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