Temptation —>>>> Blessing

So, I was going to blog tonight about a temptation I’m facing. And I still am, but you have to read to the end to see how God was and is already working.

One of the 1st verses I memorized as a new believer in Discipleship Class was 1 Cor. 10:13, “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to humanity. God is faithful and He will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation He will also provide a way of escape, so that you are able to bear it.”

So we are bottom of the barrel, brass tax (whatever that means), stone cold broke. I’m not saying this for any sort of a pity party. But, life as we know it financially has hit rock bottom. My hours at work have been cut yet again; Kevin isn’t getting a regular paycheck yet, catching up from taking a week off of work… What was our meager savings account has dwindled and the checkbook… scrapin’ at best. What does all this have to do with temptation? Well, in the past, when we were in this type of financial state, we would just take care of it by buying what we needed with a credit card. Groceries? No problem – Visa Visa Visa. Going to a party and need a present? No worries – Visa Visa Visa. Need gas? – Visa is my friend. We’ll take care of it later. Well, as anyone seasoned the slightest bit in life knows, Visa Visa Visa comes back to haunt you when you have to pay it back. We’re already working at paying off what debt we do have, following the Dave Ramsey financial freedom plan etc. ‘Course, now we’re in extenuating circumstances. Back to step one. (Not our first return to step one :-). That’s the thing with the FF plan is we can’t seem to get past step 1!!). Anyhoo, there are various situations (Satan) drawing me to think, I could just put this on the ‘ol VISA… and not worry about it.) Finally, I heard the voice of God saying, “Kendra, you are trusting Citi-Bank MORE than you are trusting Me!” So I had a good heart to heart with God and promised Him that I was NOT going to use the CC, but I was going to trust Him. Now, anytime you promise God something, the devil works overtime! Here’s what we’re facing:

-There is a bill staring me in the face that was due last Saturday. I am ANAL about paying things on time and convicted that as a Christian we should maintain a good testimony with those we conduct business with. However, frankly, I don’t have the money. I could just call the customer service number and pay it with Visa Visa Visa. But, I promised God.

-It’s my daughter’s birthday this weekend and we haven’t gotten her anything. I know what we were planning on getting her, but it’s not going to happen. My sweet little 10 year old will understand that there is a delay in the b-day present, and I could solve it with Visa Visa Visa. But, I promised God.

-The pantry is empty. The freezer is about empty. Will we ever eat that half bag of frozen broccoli anyways?? I could just go to Wal-Mart with Sista’ Visa and fill that baby up. But, I promised God.

-The kicker! Today, as we were cleaning the house, my darling hubby offered to run the sweeper in the living room. It died! IT DIED! It is LESS than TWO YEARS OLD! My first instinct was, let’s just go to Sears, get a new one… for heaven’s sake I have 3 kids, a hubby and a SHEDDING GOLDEN RETRIEVER! We cannot go two days with out vacuuming! But, I promised God. Seriously, by 3:00 this afternoon, I was ready to chuck the promise! “No temptation has overtaken you…”

I’m reminded of the scene in the movie “Facing the Giants” when the coach tells the team, “If we win, we’ll praise Him. If we lose, we’ll praise Him.” I found myself saying, “If I can pay my bills I’ll praise Him, If I can’t I’ll praise Him.” Satan wants me to curse God like he wanted Job to. Please pray for me that a) I can continue to resist this temptation – that He will provide a way to escape and b) that my faith will be increased as we trust in Him.

Now the blessing…

I got a phone call this afternoon, “Kendra, what are you guys doing tonight? We want to take you to Costco and fill up your freezer.” What?? Listen, we are currently collecting food and stuff for a family that needs it in our community. That’s what I’m comfortable doing. I’m comfortable giving. Receiving?? It’s weird. It’s awkward. It’s humbling! This person said that God laid it very strongly on her heart to do this and she wanted to be obedient. (Basically, don’t get in the way of what God is doing!) Well, tonight we had soccer, so that wasn’t going to work. Well, they went to Costco without us and at about 8:30 tonight, stopped by with some groceries. A few tidbits for our fam… NOT! Take a look at these pictures!!!

Our pantry has NEVER been this full!!
Neither has our freezer/fridge!!
Let me just tell you a few of the God things…
*We are having pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. Tomorrow is a planned two-hour delay for the local school district and since we watch a neighbor girl in the morning, we decided it would be a good idea to make a yummy breakfast (and I have some bisquick). Julia said this morning, “Mmmm, it would be yummy if we had some fresh strawberries to put on our pancakes tomorrow Mom.” I thought to myself, “Yeah, right, do you know the price of fresh strawberries??” BAM! FOUR POUNDS of fresh strawberries!
*Joey’s FAVORITE cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. He too was asking this week, “Mom, when are you going to buy some Cinnamon Toast Crunch?” Well, we now have the BULK size of Cinnamon Toast Crunch AND our other two FAVORITE cereals, Honey Nut Cheerios and Raisin Bran! *We were OUT of paper towels… now we’re STOCKED!
*Julia is having a b-day party tomorrow night, sleepover. (Thanks to a generous family member who offered to pay for pizza and cake! That’s another God thing… that this b-day party has only cost us $2.79 so far!!) Well, I was thinking, I have to have something for the girlies to eat Saturday morning, so maybe I’ll get some doughnuts. There were CINNAMON ROLLS included in the groceries AND variety of “organic” pop-tarts! Did you know there was such a thing?? Another thing I don’t have to worry about.
Well, if you made it to the end of this post, you deserve the reader’s Medal of Honor. All this to say, He is able. He will provide. He is listening and working! He will not tempt you above what you are able, He will provide a way to escape. I am fueled up and ready to trust another day! I praise you Jesus and thank YOU for this wonderful blessing. I thank you for _____ and for laying this on their hearts and for their obedience to You! I am truly humbled at Your goodness!

Any thoughts??

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