Mission Trip – Finale

This is the blog that never ends. OK, this is the last Mission Trip blog for now. I have so much to blog, so little time :-)! But, before I blog other things, I must finish what I started. Here comes the grand finale from the Mission Trip. Read to the end, you won’t be disappointed!

One of my favorite ministries when we worked with SCORE was “feeding a village.” We used to cook up food (starting at like 6:00 am) and take a hot meal to families in villages. SCORE does it a little bit differently now, and we enjoyed this way as well. We (team members) donated money as we felt led and then what was donated determines how many families your mission team will feed. Then, we get to go shopping (an experience for those who have never been grocery shopping in a foreign country!!) We buy rice, beans, oil, coffee etc. Next, we package it up so each family gets some of everything we bought. We were able to feed over 30 families, praise the LORD! We went to a little village outside of San Pedro that SCORE has only visited once before. The guys played with the kids in the village. Then, Kiko, a SCORE bus-driver/missionary preached his heart out. He made sure they didn’t just respond to the gospel to get the food. They were going to get the food no matter what! He explained that heaven can be their eternal reward just for trusting in Christ. There was a spirit of sincerity and intensity under that shelter. Then, we were blessed to be able to bless these precious souls with food for their body (after they heard about the Bread of Life for their soul!) They are so grateful. When you feed a family for a week, you feed a family for a week. But when you feed a soul with the precious Word of God, they can be filled forever.

Tony, “How many bags of rice do we need?”

Jerry, Shawn & Nick enjoying Jumbo… Dominican’s Wal-Mart!
The team playing in the village!

Kiko preaching his heart out!

Passing out the food!

Fast forward to our last full day in the D.R. With SCORE a leisure day is built into your schedule. Our Friday was a day-trip to Catalina Island where we can relax on the beach, snorkel or just swim in the beautiful crystal blue Caribbean Sea. Friday morning, Kevin knocked on my door and said he wasn’t going to go. With the sickness, he just didn’t feel up to it. I too had had a rough night because of the cramping etc., so honestly I was relieved that someone was staying back and I would be glad to stay back too. As much as I love going to Catalina, I had been there many times before and I could just relax in my room, at the pool etc. (near a bathroom :-)). However, after Kevin mentioned that we wouldn’t be going then some others weren’t going to go… domino effect. Some didn’t feel comfortable going without me or Kevin, so I decided at 8:27 that I would go. Hey! Feel crappy here or feel crappy at beautiful Catalina Island. Well, that philosophy prompted Kevin to change his mind at 8:29 (the bus was leaving at 8:30 a.m.) and he too was going to go.

My main concern going to Catalina not feeling the greatest was the boat ride. So, I sat up front on the top deck where I would get lots of air and enjoyed talking with Nick during the voyage. Kevin was a row over, talking with a guy from the trip. Coming on this trip, we didn’t know if Josh had a relationship with Christ or not. Every now and then I could hear bits of their conversation and I knew where God was leading Kevin and where the conversation was heading. Nick and I began to pray silently. Next thing I know, I hear Kevin say, “Josh, do you want to accept Christ right now?” He said YES and they prayed! What a glorious boat ride! What a glorious day! Just GLORY! That night in devotions, Josh told all of us that he had given his life to Christ that day on the way to Catalina! There’s nothing that makes me cry more than a bunch of grown men crying and rejoicing in the Lord! (And a crying man is a REAL man!) On top of that, we already had a baptism scheduled for Saturday morning and Josh too wanted to be baptized! Listen, don’t mess around when you get saved! “Repent and be baptized!” AMEN and AMEN!

Saturday morning at 8:00 am we headed out to the Juan Dolio beach. It was a fantastically beautiful day. The water was clear, the sun was shining and the angels in heaven were rejoicing! Brian made the decision this summer to be baptized and was saving this special occasion for the Mission Trip. He went first and what a glorious moment! Then it was Josh’s turn. They had to go a little deeper, because Josh is 6’ 8”!! (BTW, Kevin is 5’9”!!) Josh too was baptized as a public profession of what Christ had done in his heart the day before! Oh Praise Him!! Talk about a finale to an awesome week! We praise You Jesus for You alone are Worthy to be praised!!

Morning of the Baptism!Brian, “Are you trusting in Christ and Christ alone for your salvation??”AMEN and AMEN!!!!Love that boy!!
Josh! Professing Christ as his Savior!!SLAM DUNK!!! GLORY!Love that boy too!!
Baptism Buddies!!!


Any thoughts??

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