Quick Update and McCain

Yes, I am still alive… this parasite or bacteria was winning some battles… but not gonna win the war!!! I’m on another round of antibiotics. We started school… Still working… Still launching a church. Bloggy low on the priority list… sorry . I am still updating on the mission trip, so stay tuned…

Wanted to share something I think is pertty kewl! In 2002 we took our 1st mission trip to the D.R. and on our way home we were delayed in Boston. Bummer about the delay, but because of it we DID get to meet Senator John McCain. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think too much about it then, but now that he’s a presidential candidate, potentially the next president of our United States I’m really happy we took the time to take a picture!! He is holding our Joey who was 6 weeks old on that trip (7 on the way back ! Whether you’re a McCain supporter or not, you have to agree that it just rocks that the possible next president of the US is holding MY baby!! BTW, I had to take a picture of this picture because we didn’t have a digital camera in 2002 and we don’t have a scanner, but I think it turned out ok!!


Any thoughts??

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