So, someone tells you they’re going on a Basketball Missions Trip and you’re like, “WHAT?? What does BASKETBALL have to do with missions???” The Bible tells us many times that we all have different gifts (spiritual) and talents (abilities) and that which we’ve been blessed with, use it for His glory! I can tell you this, that even in the 8 months or so of Monday nights playing ball, God was working out many things for His glory! He was stretching a group of men physically (uh, most of ‘em are, well, past their prime… hey, I say that in LOVE!) and spiritually. They learned individually and as a team about unity within the body, about humility, God’s faithfulness and on and on!

I first laid eyes on my husband when he was playing basketball. He had the smoothest shot I’d ever seen and looked so darn cute with his little knee brace on!! Now, almost 21 years later, my heart still beats a little faster when I watch him play. Yeah, this is a mission trip post… My point in telling you that is that this group of guys, young and older, played some serious ball that week in the Dominican. The score was always close (except that one where we (even me and Lauren, the fans) were ‘bout dead with exhaustion at game 2 after 2 nights with ❤ hours of sleep! When you go on a sports mission trip, you’re not going to play sissy ball. You go, play competitive ball, respect each other’s teams and then share Christ when it’s all said and done! After an intense session of hoops, you’ve already gained the respect of the opposing team (win or lose). These men then shared from their hearts testimonies of how Jesus Christ has changed their lives, how He brings fulfillment, how He clarifies priorities, how He has redeemed from the pit and how making decision a decision for Christ in the game of life is the best decision one can make! After each game the men listened intently, sweat dripping off them as they heard the fantastic marvelous news of Jesus Christ. Several each night indicated that they made decisions for Christ. Again, I’m not a numbers person, but the Lord Jesus knows and those basketball games were not in vain. Even when they resulted in injuries, being able to WRING out your socks with sweat or having to play ball with Mr. Parasite… I’m proud of this SCORE DR Basketball team and immensely blessed that we have a LORD that will use even basketball to bring people to Himself!!

1-2-3- SCORE!
Go Tony!!
Mr. Denny sharing his heart!

I don’t have a lot of action shots, but there are some good ones on Shawn’s camera (that was fun taking pix with Shawn’s camera!!) I’ll post a few when he gives me a CD :-)!!

Any thoughts??

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