With One Voice

Without getting into all the detail (which could be three blogs full…) our travel was less than perfect and many of us were less than healthy. That being said, however, our God is more than Faithful and Sovereign and hasn’t swayed in His Perfection or Omnipotence!

We did arrive even later than expected (2:15 am) but we kept our plans to head to Baharona early (5:15 am) Sunday morning. Blanco, our bus driver, kicked some serious tail (and there’s not much Dominican traffic at 5:30 am on a Sunday :-)). This was the day we were going to see the ministry of Mission Possible. MP’s president, Kurt Bishop was travelling with us and was very excited to show us the work there, especially since several of us support MP kids. Mission Possible has one school in the D.R. and six schools in Haiti where kids go and not only get a good and Christian education, they also get a nutricious hot meal which oftentime is their only hot meal for the day. When we arrived, the Haitian church was still meeting and Sunday School for the kids was meeting outside of the building. The joy on the faces of these kids was radiant as they sang “Yo tengo un amigo que me ama…” (I have a Friend who loves me…) Also, before church, we were able to meet a group of Korean-American college students from New Jersey that were just passing through on their way to the Coffee Fields for a week of Medical and Evangelical missions.

The worship service at Ebenezer Church was incredible! I told you I bought the Steven Curtis Chapman CD before I left so I would have some new music to download to my MP3 for the travels. On his “This Moment” CD there is a song that caught my ear in the airport called, “With One Voice.” I seriously could type the whole song here because it is phenomenal and it was so fitting for Sunday morning, but I will only type the chorus:

With one voice we will sing
Every tribe and every tongue
Brings a harmony
With one voice we will bring
Heaven’s beautiful melody down to this earth
As we sing to our King
With one voice

To begin the service was tri-lingual! As Barahona is so close to the border of Haiti, there were many Haitians in the service and they sing some songs in Creole. Of course, they sing songs in Spanish, but they also did some (at least some verses) in English. I have to say this was my 1st time praising the Lord in Creole! The worship service was vibrant and glory-filled! It was a little touch of heaven may be like as we were at least four different cultures (USA American, Dominican, Haitian and Korean!!!) praise our One God that we love. The room was rocking and shakin’ with praise to our King! It was fantastic!

After church, we had a delightful lunch in Barahona and returned to see the Mission Possible School. Then our guys played then in FIVE GAMES of pick-up basketball! It was a blast!

The Sunday School Girls at Ebenezer Church in Barahona
The Korean American Mission Team performing a skit.
The worship at Ebenezer Church with Dancers and Praise Team:
Our guys getting into the worship!
Kurt saying a few words about Mission Possible!

The view from LUNCH in Barahona
Big Josh, Blanco (bus driver), Big Josh 🙂
We put up new nets about everywhere we went!
Josh M. ready for some education at the Mission Possible School!!

The guys sweeping off the basketball court so it would dry before the game. Tropical Storm Fay had just gone by!


Any thoughts??

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