DR Trip – Puerto Rico

Well, so far things have been going well… all of our flights and transfers have been smooth. However, we are now in Puerto Rico and our flight is delayed 2 hours!!! If the flight does take off at 12:30 am, we will arrive at 1:30 am… we should get to SCORE at 2:30 am…. and we’re leaving for church at 5:15 am! WHAT FUN! Will post as long as we can. We have wireless here in the airport :-). Adios for now!!

Here are some pix from our stay in the airport. Kurt in a wheelchair checkin foxnews and email!

Me N Lauren after kickin’ tail in Euchre!!

For some reason, these kids were callin Nick Daddy… ???

Denny, tryin to snooze.

Lauren, checkin’ Facebook on PK’s computer.

Me N Lauren Kickin Tail and Takin Names (Nick & Denny) in Euchre…

The team at our house before we left this mornin!!

Mystery guest!!

B-Ri, Gettin some ZZZZZZs

Tony, watchin the Sopranos…

We are still hangin out in PR… waiting for our flight crew I guess. But, we’re makin the most of it 🙂


Any thoughts??

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