Ministry Op and Checklist

So, God is opening yet another door for the Grubinskis and we are praying about going through it. The SBC has asked Kevin to take over a Campus ministry at a nearby college (my alma mater). This could actually be a path that may lead to some future plans, even though to us they are a long way off. We’ve surrendered our timelines to God :-). He’s our captain and He does a much better job steering the ship than we could ever do. Anyhoo, rabbit trail just to tell you about this campus ministry. It would be 1 night a week. There is a group of students that is already meeting on Tuesday nights. Oh! The opportunities to minister to and with college students!! When I went to college there, at BGSU, I was actually faced the choice to be a part of a campus ministry or do my own THANG (not live for God, in a big way.) Unfortunately, I chose my own THANG. Maybe God will now use me to help students faced with the same crossroads make the right decision and follow Christ at their young, influential, growing years!! There is a small salary offered for this ministry as we would be NAMB missionaries and, here’s the kicker, full health insurance for our family!!! We haven’t had insurance since April, so that would be FABULOUS!! We have not made any formal decision, yes or no, so pray that we get confirmation from God as to if we are supposed to be entering through this door.

The Mission Trip is SATURDAY!!! A day and a half away!!

  • The last load of laundry is in the washer!! I will not be doing any more laundry until Sunday the 25th! (Oh, bless my soul!!)
  • The money has come in! We had a moment when we didn’t think all the money was coming, then BANG! there it was unexpectedly. Seriously, I didn’t even send a letter to this person!! On top of that, Kevin had an opportunity to work with some old friends at a fair (serving Franks Fries) and made enough to have the money we’ll need in our pockets for our travels etc!
  • We’re packed! The kids are packed! Wanted to get that done so hopefully we’ll have some down time tomorrow with the kiddos before we drop them off.
  • I cannot WAIT to see my girls at the orphanage on Monday!! Please pray for that day especially, because I KNOW I won’t want to leave them!!!
  • I’m stinkin’ tired! The Olympics are kicking my BUM! And all I’m doing is watching them!!! However, I am NOT a night person, and they’re on so late and they’ve been so exciting and well, I’m tired as a result.
  • The kids are excited to go to our friends! All that swimming! Pray for them as they don’t like to be away from us (and neither do we!). Pray for their safety (pond, mild worries).
  • I bought myself a present… the new Steven Curtis Chapman CD to put on my MP3 for the trip. I love it! His music and lyrics are so awesome! I highly recommend it!!
  • Pray for our safety in travels (air and bus – the traffic in the DR is CrAzY!!).
  • Pray for our team – for unity and strength!
  • Pray for our outreach! God – save some souls this week!!
  • Pray for God to do the unexpected!

I don’t know how much, if any, access I will have to the internet. Kevin isn’t taking his laptop, because the complex doesn’t have wireless anymore. So, I don’t know if I’ll get to blog updates or if I’ll have to wait until we get home. I’ll miss ya’ll! Don’t blog too much while I’m gone!!! Adios for now!!


Any thoughts??

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