Ed Young

Do NOT call me crazy, but I totally think I ran into ED YOUNG in the Findlay Village Mall!!!!! WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD ED BE IN FINDLAY??? Anyhoo, one major necessity I have before the trip Saturday, was a new… well, how do I say it… “over the shoulder boulder holder”. (blush) Seriously, 8 days with no laundry, I can only stretch the couple I have so far . Back to the story… so, I promise the two children that are loving shopping with Mom (NOT) that we can stop by the pet store to see the puppies in order to hold them over on my quest to, uh, shop. (BTW, I hate <> shopping!!! It’s the absolute worst!) In front of us was a man in a dark green dry fit shirt and two girls (about 12-13) with the same color shirts (some sports team??) and a boy. I was like, “Man, that man looks familiar.” So, as I’m looking at the Golden Doodle pup, the guy looks over his shoulder, looks away then looks back at my shirt (I was wearing a LifePoint shirt). I was like, “Oh my goodness, I think that’s Ed Young!” But, what do you say, “Sir, are you Ed Young??” My heart started beating faster and for once I was speechless! Anyone who knows me knows I don’t have a shy bone in my body, and even though I respect Ed Young and his ministries he is just a man, so if it was him, I don’t know WHY I was so starstruck!!?? They walked away, so did we. Then, in the next store, they were there again. I think it was him. Anybody know if Ed is in Findlay? Or have I finally lost it and am completely crazy???


Any thoughts??

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