Preview # 2 Praise Report

Today was LifePoint’s 2nd Preview Service. Our Father blessed us with a morning in the high 60s low 70s which was FANTASTIC since there is no air in the building. It felt wonderful! We had about the same amount of people as the 1st preview, which is saying something because we didn’t have the extra helpers that we had for the 1st and we were missing some team members. Without the extra helpers, the LP Launch team was spread pretty thin, some of us doing double duty (ie. music and door greeting, kids check in and KidsLife class etc). I just have to give a shout of praise for this launch team that God has brought together! In KidsLife, the motto this week is “To play on God’s team, you have to give it your all” (based on Ecc. 9:10, “Whatever you do, do well.”) We did an illustration with 50% rocks and 100% rocks. The goal was to see if we could make the pitchers overflow. Well, the 50% rocks just couldn’t get there… but the 100% rock made the pitcher overflow like crazy! That illustration describes these people who have given more than 100%, more like 150% because they believe in what God is doing here and what He is going to do! Churches are stuffed with 50% people, and we are blessed with so many 100% people!! Praise the LORD!! In addition to this fabulous group, NINE new people linked in during the service to be a part of the LifePoint team!!! That’s nine new people serving at the next preview and beyond! YEA! I am so pumped that once again TWO children accepted Christ and joined God’s Team today as well!!

This week we also had to fully tear down after the service, since school starts the week after next (and our next preview isn’t ‘til September 7th.) I will not lie. It’s a lot of work! But again, EVERYONE chipped in and it got done quickly. Sundays are exhausting, but again, it’s a good tired – working for the LORD! God is moving in the hearts of people, mending and healing like only He can and we are confident there is a harvest of souls before us!

Here are some pix from this morning… and YES! I charged my battery this time :-)!! More pix on Facebook… msg me to be my friend :-).

KidsLife Kids! and FANS!!! WE had fans!!
CHURCH! Kevin with his new t-shirt that went with the theme, “Life, Don’t Come Up Short!”
The giant Toilet Paper Rolls Jen made to go with the Theme!!
Jessica, the new Cafe Coordinator 🙂 with Lauren enjoying The Point Cafe! Me n Em at The Point Cafe. I actually had some time to enjoy it before church and it was YUMMYY!
Loadin’ CHAIRS and more CHAIRS and more CHAIRS!!

Any thoughts??

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