Tomorrow is our 2nd Preview Service! Once again, it’s all up to God!! Since the last preview we’ve had an “Evaluation Sunday”, a ComeBack Event, a PostCard Party and more!! The two groups that helped us for the last preview can’t be there tomorrow, so we’re on our own! But, as we’ve learned from “Facing the Giants”, we do our BEST and leave the results up to Him! We are preparing our fields for rain!! (If you haven’t seen it, please go rent it! It’s one of the best movies, my personal favorite!!!) Pray for tomorrow, will ya?? Pray God brings who He knows needs the message, for things to go smoothly and for the Holy Spirit to work in and change lives!!

The Mission Trip is ONE WEEK AWAY! Oh goodness! And yes, anal Kendra has started packing. I have to know if I need to go shopping… and it isn’t looking good. Darn it! 🙂 The arrangements have been made for the kids and they are excited (that’s an answer to prayer!!) They get to go swimming every day in our friend’s pond, no chores (well, I hope they will help a little around the house) and be spoiled rotten. God is still working out details and preparing us for this trip. I’m sure He’s also busy preparing those who will hear the MESSAGE He has given us to bring!

Hope to have a good report for ya’ll tomorrow night!! GO GOD!


Any thoughts??

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