Come Back

Today was super-fabulous. It was called the “Comeback Event” which means it was an event that people who came to the 1st preview service could “come back” to. It started at 12:30 pm. We (LP Launch Team) arrived around 11 am to set things up and get things around. At 12:20 it was still just us, the LP Launch Team; I was getting nervous. The pessimist in me said, “No one’s coming. This is gonna be a dud. Man, what a bummer!” Then, about 12:27 they started coming. Almost every guest that came to the 1st preview service PLUS several other people that were invited just for the CE showed up. Most everyone we talked to said they were planning on coming to the 2nd preview service next week! PLUS, our beautiful banners attracted some others over to shelter house #14 to find out what LifePoint Community Church is all about! God exceeded my expectations once again and blessed more than we could’ve imagined. Some relationships are being started which we pray will lead to new and/or strengthened relationships with Christ. Man, this is exciting! Oh yeah, the food was yummy (keep makin’ those cheesy potatoes, Jess!), the games for the kids were fun and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Fantastic DAY!

Lainey & Erica, two beauties!

The sponge game! So much fun!
Wringing out that water! 1st Bucket Filled Wins!!
Run, Julia, Run!
Obstacle Course! Great game Jen!!

LP Kids with their new KidsLife T-Shirts! Very Cool!
LP Kids are LOCOS!

Lil LP Kid… so darn cute!!

The Barbecue Burners… need I say more??

The Sucker Game! Which prize will I get! Everyone’s a winner at LP! YEA!


Any thoughts??

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