The Shoes Don’t Fit, Honey

So, a couple of weeks ago, I bought my son some new tennies at a garage sale. They are practically brand new basketball shoes; the only problem is that they are size 4. He wears size 13.5 (of course you know that 13.5 is smaller than 4, right?) Anyhoo, I wasn’t even going to tell him I got him new shoes because I knew he would want to wear them, but he has two sistas… need I say more?? So, he’s gallivanting around the house in his cloppity BIG shoes and that’s all fine and dandy, but when it was time to go, I asked him to put on his Crocs (so he would actually be able to walk.) He cried, “MOM, I want to wear my new basketball shoes!!!” I felt his pain, but I had to explain, “The shoes don’t fit, honey, you have to wear these shoes until your feet grow into a size 4.” Then, last week, at Cedar Point, one of my girls was between a rock and a hard place. She was too tall for the kiddy rides (and they actually made her get out of line :-() yet she doesn’t like the Big Coasters (of which she was tall enough to ride all of them!) I’ll admit, she was a trooper, though, and still had a blast at Cedar Point riding those in-between rides, mostly spinny ones :-). I wanted to explain that she was just a little 8 year old girl with a 12 year old stature, but it wouldn’t have mattered, rules are rules.

How many times have I wanted to wear shoes that I wasn’t ready for, or that weren’t even mine? How often have I wanted to stay in my comfy sneakers, when it was time to trade ‘em in for a new pair? I wanted to be a Mom for years before I was blessed to become one. But, the truth is, God knew that I wasn’t ready for those shoes when I thought I was ready. There have been “roles” in ministry that I thought I wanted (when I wanted them), but God knew what He was doing (and is doing). I want to be a _____ like ______ (wife like Sue, mom like Brenda, teacher like Sally, singer like Jan). You fill in the blank. We all have something we aspire to do or be. We all have mentors, favorite teachers/leaders, role models, people we look up to. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, God has given us our own personal shoes. If we’re ready for a new pair, He’ll give them to us. I might REALLY want to wear the size 4 basketball shoe, but for this time of my life, the size 2 ballet slipper fits me very well. Or, a part of you may want to still be in the kiddy rides, but you’re in the season of spinny rides. (Or, maybe it’s time to ride the Big Coasters, and it’s time to trust Him with that scary feat!) Make the best of it, like Emma did at Cedar Point. There is a peace in knowing that God has you (and me) right where He wants you (me) to be, doing exactly what we’re called to do for the season we’re in.

Matthew 25 speaks to this in the Parable of the Talents. To one person, He gave 5 talents, to another 3 and to another 1 “according to their own ability”. What “talents” has He given you? Now, the word talent in the New Testament has a monetary connotation. You can definitely see how we could apply that to say take the “talents” God has given you (monetarily) and use them for the Kingdom. But, for this blog, we’re going to use the Parable of the Talent figuratively. Take your “talent” (ministry He’s given you for this season, role in life (single, no children yet, empty nest…)) whether it’s 5, 3 or 1 at this season in your life, and make the most of it. Be faithful to Him where He has you now, and don’t be surprised when He gives you more or different responsibilities in the future. Matthew 25:21 says, “Well done, good and faithful slave! You were faithful over a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Share your master’s joy!” Enjoy your shoes. They are custom made by the Maker Himself. Wear them proudly, do not underestimate the importance of the role you are in. Don’t be in a hurry to grow out of them. And those seeds in your heart, the desires (that God has placed), be faithful to Him and He’ll bring that pair of shoes around in His perfect timing.


Any thoughts??

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