Please Watch This

Maybe you’ve already heard that Greg Laurie’s son died in a tragic car accident on Thursday, July 24th. Take a little less than 20 minutes to hear Greg’s message on Sunday to his church family.

When I was a baby Christian, still teaching high school Spanish, my alarm clock would go off every morning to Greg Laurie’s 30 minute message. I love his voice, very soothing, rich message. I got a word from God every day, even though I wasn’t in the habit yet of a daily devotion time, from that clock/radio alarm clock… and I didn’t even hit snooze. He still believes in God’s faithfulness, do you? Stay tuned to the end. If you’re not sure where you’d spend eternity, the answer is in this video. God Bless you and God minister Your grace to this hurting family.


Any thoughts??

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