Cedar Point Day!!

Yesterday was a blast! We had a change of plans. Actually, we almost had a major change of plans in that Wednesday, my hubby was running a fever and had some belly issues… We did some serious praying Wednesday night. We REALLY needed a FUN day together!!! Thankfully, he woke up feeling fine, PTL!!! Anyhoo, the change of plans is that we went to Cedar Point instead of Mohican. Figuring the budget for this day-adventure, Cedar Point ended up being more within our means because we already had the tickets and would only have to purchase one meal (I had lunch already ready for the canoe day). Mohican we would’ve had to pay for canoeing… and whatever other adventures lured us in and dinner. Plus, gas (either place…) BUT, I did fill up Wednesday for $3.73, YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!
Now, I’m a roller coaster JUNKIE, seriously, a fanatic. But, when I go to CP with the whole fam, it’s a family affair and my druthers get replaced with quality time. I am NOT complaining. We had so much fun! And, I even got to ride a couple of the big ones with Julia… my rollercoaster junkie offspring! Never mind the fact that going down the BIG hill of the Millennium I saw spots then things went black for a sec… Uh, am I getting too old for these coasters??? Craziness!! Here are some pix from our day…


Any thoughts??

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