Happenings from Home

With all the church stuff, things God has laid on my heart… I haven’t blogged too much about happenings at HOME. So, here goes:

VBS: The kids went to VBS at a nearby church last week with friends, then, they were invited this week to go to another VBS with some other friends. Back when we used to do VBS, we’d call those kids “VBS Hoppers” and now my kids are one of ‘em!! LOL All three of the kiddos LOVE singing and have quickly picked up the songs. They’re learning verses and having a blast! Someone suggested that next year, we (LP) offer to help with Bible School (to the 1st 1 they went to) and bring our kids there. I think that’s a FABULOUS idea. We definitely want to partner with other area churches for different things, so this could just be a start.

TWEENS: A relatively new (at least new to me) term for girls between 8-12. We used to call that age “pre-teens”. Anhyoo, I apparently have TWO TWEENS in my home with an 8 year old and a 9, almost 10 year old. Let me preface this section by saying, I love being a Mom. I love each stage of childhood, infants – oh so cuddly; toddlerhood – discovering their WILL (even though it’s frustrating at times, you know they have to go through it so if you can just take a step back and watch, it’s actually humorous.) I LOVE the ages that my kids are now. When someone needs a bath/shower, I tell ‘em, “Go get your shower.” I don’t have to bathe them, pick out their clothes, and entertain them every minute. They are learning new things by leaps and bounds, becoming their own lil’ person. As with every stage of childhood, (uh, life), we have some things to work out, and by God’s grace we are doing just that. Last night felt like a breakthrough, when in the kids own prayers, they talked to God about some things they need help with in their lives, with NO prompting from Mom and Dad. Blessed my heart beyond imagine, that they are realizing where to turn if change is needed in an area of their lives.

Troopers: Speaking of the kiddos, they have been troopers this summer. As cash is about non-existent and time… well we are launching a church. As the Mom, in a Pastor’s family, I have to gauge how the kiddos are doing, and when we’re expecting too much. One night last week, (week of the 1st PV service) after VBS, I mentioned that we needed to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of things. That comment was greeted with a MELT-DOWN. Ok, the gauge had reached its limit. So, instead we went to Cheddar’s and shared Cookie Monsters! Yum Yum! Can I just say I love my kids! Really, over the years, they have been troopers through long road-trips on deputation, to long-ministry days in the D.R. to now planting a church. They are very adaptable to many situations. They are often eager to help and for the most part, they understand the calling of God on Mom and Dad’s life and the need to tell others about Jesus. Our schedule gets wacky sometimes, but the kids don’t seem to get out of whack. We truly are blessed!
Get-Away! So, that being said, with the craziness of this summer, we are taking a day (it’s only a day, but we’ve learned over the years to take what time God gives us and make the most of it) on Thursday and taking a day trip to Mohican. There we will go canoeing, hiking, picnicking… The kiddos are SO excited. Their BIG grins when we told them what we were doing were already reward enough. Don’t know how many pix I will get because I’m not taking the camera on the canoe J but I’ll post what I can. ALSO, we are going to another Toledo Mud Hens game on Friday night! I got free tickets through work. We had a BLAST at the game on the 5th, so we are all looking forward to it!!
Fish Funerals: So, the other day, Joey’s fish died. All 3 kiddos got a gift certificate for free fish when they went to this Outdoor’s Day Camp, not the carnival type that live for a day, decent, hearty fish (supposedly). So, I was trying to read how he was taking the news. “Oh, Joey, I’m so sorry your fish died. What was his name again?” His response, “M-o-M, my fish was a gr-ill (girl) and her name was Princess Leah.” (GRIN, his fish was a gr-ill). So, we said our final farewells and Joey flushed him, uh, her, down the toilet. This morning, Emma told me Julia’s fish is floating… She is not awake yet. We’ll see how this goes. I’m pretty sure her fish is a girl too :-).
So, that’s the Happenings from Home. Pray you are as blessed as I am!!
Emma (red shirt) and Julia (orange shirt) at the Outdoors DayCamp back in June. They learned how to shoot a bow & arrow. Joey (brown boy) with his BFF Koby (white boy) at the DayCamp.
All 3 kiddos unloading the dishwasher! I have NO idea why I took this picture! Yet another thing I love about their ages, they can help at home!!!

Any thoughts??

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