Preview #1 Praise Report

Where to begin??? First of all, if you’re in the process of planting a church, and your 1st preview service is coming up, wouldn’t you CHARGE your camera battery??? Well, guess who didn’t??? Yours truly. But, I did get several shots before the service, so you can just imagine those shots with people in them

Praise the LORD for His church and for His presence and for His work! He is awesome and holy and righteous and mighty! He is the God who strengthens, who empowers, who fulfills His calling! Today was our 1st preview service at LifePoint Community Church. We had almost 90 people in attendance!!! 15 of those were people from two different churches that came to help with growing His church (not just a church). Thank you Point Place and Perrysburg people!! Of course, some of the remaining 75 were people from the launch team and their family and friends. Finally, there were several guests who had either received a flyer or seen the sign. Many decisions were made, including a little girl who signed up for God’s Team and accepted Christ today! Hallelujah!

The service went very well. I didn’t attend the actual service as I was “shakin’ it” with the kiddos as they learned about the guys on Jesus’ team, and that “to play on God’s team, you have to give it your all!”. Even though I didn’t attend the service, every time I walked in the gym when the praise band was rehearsing this morning, I felt the Holy Spirit and got goose bumps!! Apparently there was a little glitch during the music in that a fuse was blown (trying to keep the people cool… it was toasty in there), but they pressed on, kept singing and shortly all power returned to normal. I didn’t get to hear the message either and we are not recording them yet, but I heard reports that it was fantastic and I find that very easy to believe because my hubby is an excellent preacher! I AM SO PROUD OF HIM! Someone was teasing me this morning before church, you keep taking pictures of PK (Pastor Kevin), I was like, “Yeah, I kind of like him J!!”

Let me just bullet some of the last minute things that God blessed us with:
-Thursday night during our meeting, a local school said we can use 400 chairs each week, for FREE. We don’t quite need 400 just yet, but WHAT A BLESSING!!!
-The sound guy let us use the sound equipment for this service for FREE!
-We got a GREAT deal from Panera Bread. They are catering our Sunday mornings with coffee, bagels and cream cheese!
-The team persevered this week! It was busy and tiring, but they pressed on and proved that “in our weakness, He is STRONG!” Seriously, we have an amazing launch team! People head up the various areas of ministry we have going and they are doing a GREAT JOB!
-We got a FANTASTIC deal from the “sign guy”. All of our signs were very sharp.

I’m sure there’s more, but my brain is tired J. Good tired, you know? We had a blessed day relaxing and swimming with friends. This week will be a “chill out week”. Next Sunday is “evaluation Sunday” where the launch team will get together and discuss what went well and what we could do better for the next preview service August 10th. Here are some pix, before my camera died…

Setting up Saturday…

The nursery! Even cuter with BABIES!!

The POINT Cafe, stocked full with Panera Coffee, Bagels and Cream Cheese! YUM YUM!
Awesome Praise & Worship from the LP Praise Band singing “God of This City!”

SWEET canvas room dividers for KidsLife TreeHouse!


Any thoughts??

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