Bullet Blog

  • I feel so incredibly blessed: My hubby LOVES me and shows me often through words and deeds, my kids love me and they bring me such joy!
  • The 1st PREVIEW is 6 days away!!!
  • This week includes prayer, finishing touches at the church, prayer, more fliers to print and pass out, prayer and more prayer.
  • The books are coming! We ordered the rest of the needed books for this Homeschool year. They should be here on Tuesday… hmmm, now when do we start school??
  • I am in awe of how God is moving in people. He is refining us moment by moment, day by day.
  • Our neighborhood rocks! I’m so thankful we have fun, kewl neighbors. Tidbit of trivia, on our corner live 3 Mikes and 3 Pastors!! (Two of the Mikes are Pastors… one of the Pastors is Kevin :-)).
  • We are being prayed for! Thank you Karen and Jen for your support! Thank you Tonya for your calls (I will return them… when I’m not at work).
  • We are praying. God is moving in my own heart and drawing me more and more to pray. The only way to learn about prayer is to pray!!
  • The mission trip is ONE MONTH away… uh, I still need support. Trusting God!
  • Satan’s darts are bouncing off the armor… ha ha!!
  • Jehovah-Jireh, my provider has shown Himself mightily. I am in awe at the end of each “fiscal” month. Why I even give two minutes to worry…???
  • God gives peace to accept His will, that He knows best when/if my plans should go through. What a HOPE we have in CHRIST!
  • I am amazed when someone tells my hubby that God is leading them to help with this ministry. HUMBLING!!!
  • I’ve cooked twice in two days, I mean really a meal… not just BLT’s (not that BLT’s aren’t awesome). That feels good. I love cooking for my family.
  • Future Blogs: “The Shoes Don’t Fit, Honey”, “This Book’s Cover.”
  • The rest is up to HIM!

Any thoughts??

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