Wonderful Weekend

I love the Fourth of July! Love, love, love it! Next to Easter (Resurrection Sunday) it’s right up there on my favorite holiday list. I love America, that I am an American and that we are so blessed in America. I am very patriotic. I am VERY thankful for the freedoms that we have here. To top it off, I love picnics, fireworks and dollin’ up in RED WHITE AND BLUE!
This weekend started on Thursday with DATE NIGHT! I had a gift certificate, movie passes and a dinner certificate from a silent auction we bid on in January, and a friend donated his hotel points for a room for the nights, ended up being basically a free night. We dropped the kids off at my sisters, I got my pedicure, we ate SUSHI (YUM YUM) and hung out in our room. We decided NOT to go to the movies because there was nothing I wanted to see (so I gave the passes to my sis’ as a thank you for keeping the kids). Kevin and I went down to the hotel’s “warm” tub, and since it wasn’t a “hot” tub, we weren’t there very long. We ended up watching tv (including an REO Speedwagon concert on WGTE) and just relaxing… it was wonderful!! We never sit around and just watch tv!
Friday, we picked up the kiddos, and went to my Aunt’s for her annual CORN ROAST and swim party. It was a blast as usual. Too chilly for ME to swim, but the kiddos did and loved it. Friday night we hung out at Mom & Dad’s and played games. My Aunt and Uncle from New Mexico are visiting so it was fun. Then we watched fireworks from the golfcourse nearby.
Finally, Saturday we hung out with the in-laws for a few hours since we were in town, went to the zoo, then at night, Mom got everyone tickets for the Toledo Mud Hen’s Baseball Game. It was a BLAST! The Mud Hens have fireworks after the game and that was great! Also, we ran into two brothers that Kevin used to play basketball and it was SUPER to see them and their families!!
TODAY was the LAST Sunday that we will be meeting here at our house for church!!! We celebrated with a potluck brunch (with a meeting to follow since we didn’t meet on Thursday). Next Sunday is the “run-through” for the 1st Preview and July 20th is the 1st preview!!!! TWO WEEKS AWAY!!! Needless to say, the next two weeks will be VERY BUSY. There are a lot of last-minute things to do and a lot of last minute things that we need… I am waiting to see how God surprises with His awesome blessing as He has thus far in this journey!! Please pray as we are finally at the point of “opening”… Pray for people to come July 20th, for hearts to be prepared and that God will move mightily in His children and that many will be re-born into His family. We will be blitzing the neighorbood with flyers over the next two weeks and will be prayer-walking at the same time. I am about to BUST out of my skin with excitement. Pray for strength and unity for launch team and for Christ to be glorified!!!
Tonight, we are having friends over to cook out and hang out. That will top off our great weekend!! Hope your weekend was as blessed as mine was!!!! Happy Independence!!!


Any thoughts??

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