On E…

…is a good place to be! I’m sure with gas prices the way they are, many of us leave the tank on E as long as we can before we head to the gas station for the dreaded fill up. While E is not a great place for our gas tank, it is a good place for us as Christians to be. Paul said of Jesus in Phil. 2:7, “He emptied Himself by assuming the form of a slave.” In those verses (5-8) we see Jesus, who is and was God, didn’t use his Godhead superpowers while here on earth even though he could’ve. Instead, he “emptied Himself,” humbled himself and became obedient. Verse 5 says to “make your own attitude that of Christ Jesus.” I believe that will be my prayer for the week personally. God knows that my attitude is the 1st thing to go when I am not filled with Him! Make my attitude like Christ??? Well, that’s not going to happen if I am full of myself. It’s time for me to empty myself, so that I can be filled with Jesus.
How can we do that? Empty ourselves of our wants, needs, desires, agendas, plans, attitudes. Come to Jesus empty (the gas station) the let Him fill us up! Dig into the word, talk to Him in prayer. Then, once you are filled, pour yourself out to those around you, your kids, your hubby, friends, neighbors, strangers… Pray with someone who is struggling. Give to someone who has a need. Witness to someone who is without Christ. Bless someone with kind words. Help carry another’s load. Then, when you are empty (and it might be quick) go FILL UP AGAIN! You gotta take the time to fill up!! If you’re on E today, take some time at the “Station”. Get filled, empty yourself, get filled again. Have a blessed day!

Any thoughts??

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