Just a Bit

Oh my goodness… I just spent the past 45 minutes reading blogs and praying… so much has happened! So, here’s the quick update… I have 2-3 blogs that have been sittin’ in the front of my head (ok, not a science student, I don’t know what part of the brain they are sitting in, but they’re in there).

Home Front -School is FINITO for the year! YEA! They all passed I still have to take them for their evaluations, but other than that we’re done! This week is good, I was only scheduled for 20 hours at work. This is good, ‘cuz I get to be home where I want to be… yet at the same time, since I am currently (and temporarily) the “bread winner” at our homestead… well you get the picture. Honestly, though, I have no worries. God is blessing me so much with His peace and giving me the faith to trust in His sovereignty! I love when He does that! In other news, my hubby built his family a beautiful deck in under 3 weeks! We are already greatly enjoying it (I’ll have to post a pix of that too ). So, is everyone from LifePoint .

Church Front – Painting, Painting and more Painting! One lady from our launch team said, “I don’t remember anymore if we’re church planters, or church painters!” LOL. I will post pix, maybe tomorrow?? The gym of the school we’re renting from, is our job. The stage got finished tonight and the walls are coming along! We rented scaffolding this week to get the HIGH places… Please pray that this can get done yet this week, that God will give all of us the strength to press on when our bodies say NO MORE, that He will bless and double our efforts and that we will experience the joy of even the mundane tasks of serving Him. We were blessed to start serving our community this weekend as well, which is one of our goals, to live what we believe and connect this community to Christ. We did yard work in our new church’s neighborhood for a single mom, an older lady, and two other homes that were not on the agenda (but were on God’s agenda ). Pray that these will be seeds that are planted, will be watered and that these families recognize God’s immense love for them that they might come to know Him and have a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. June 14th we’ll be doing a FREE neighborhood car wash… no donations accepted. Just want to be a blessing to the ones He’s called us to serve!! The July 20th preview service is right around the corner… we are so excited and there is SO much to do!!! Please pray that we have exactly what we need for that day. I trust God to provide exactly what we need for that service, no more and no less. Well, maybe more ‘cuz He’s in the blessing business . I just love my Father!!
I have so much more to say, but I’ll save it in the “To Blog” file in my brainsky… Missed you all! Glad to be back!


Any thoughts??

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