On Mission

Well, God has been answering our prayers above what we could ask or think. Not surprising, huh? He IS God :-). We were praying about two locations that we may be able to rent from, as a place to hold our Sunday worship. God not only opened the door for one, but actually got us approved for BOTH! In his mercy, He allowed US to get to pick where we’ll be!!! Sooooooooo, we will be renting from Faith Academy, an Independent Christian School in Findlay. It’s a great school. My son went there for preschool. Anyhoo, they’re growing as well, and they will be renting the old St. Michael’s Catholic School. (St. Mike’s is the Catholic Church in Findlay. They built a new complex about 4-5 years ago which now houses their church and school.) While they are renting from St. Mike’s, we’ll be renting from them! It’s a great partnership for both us and Faith that we’re really excited about! For the next two months, we will help Faith with the necessary updates/remodeling for the building which includes mostly a LOT of painting… One blessing of being at Faith, is that we will be able to leave the majority of our “stuff” there throughout the week, as opposed to most church plants that have to set up everything week after week! We will have some things to set up (ie. chairs, our café, our kids areas…) but our music/sound equipment will stay and we’ll have storage there so we don’t have to load/unload a trailer every week J!

In addition, we have some Servant Evangelism projects on the calendar for May and June. We are thrilled to be a blessing to this community, and pray that many will see Christ and come to Him through us doing what He would do. We’re starting simple, window washing, and in the future we will add some projects that will target single moms, elderly, kids etc. The possibilities are endless. Jesus loves people, “People Matter to God” so “We Value People.” We have said from the beginning that we want to be a church that puts feet to our prayers… No time to get started than the present.

We have taken our house off the market. Our contract was up April 20th and we just left that date as, if it wasn’t sold by then, God must want us to stay! So, stay we will! This neighborhood is an incredible mission field!!! Our house has been a magnet for kids, from our kids’ ages to teenagers. God has done this for me so many times already in my short past with Him, where He brings the mission field to us! Henry Blackaby says, “Watch where God is working and join Him.” It floors me when that becomes true literally in my backyard. Pray for us as we reach out to this neighborhood like never before. I believe God will bring a great harvest of young people right here in our backyard!!!

Finally, I have to share with you a sweet treasure that I “eavesdropped” last week! I was cooking dinner, and I heard my son say to his friend as they were playing on the steps (let’s call him Bob for privacy):
“Bob, are you saved?”
“Yeah, I guess. But I don’t go to church.”
Joey, “No you’re not!!!”
Joey continuing, “You have to get saved. Here pray this right now!”
Joey begins praying, “God I’m sorry for all my sins in the whole entire world.”
Say it Bob!”
Bob, “God I’m sorry for all my sins in the whole entire world.”
Joey continues praying… Bob Repeats…
They go back to playing Star Wars.

Now, I don’t condone this coerced, bull in a china shop, style of evangelism However, if you remember, Joey himself just got saved a month ago. I am proud that he took a step to witness and attempt to lead his buddy to the Lord. He didn’t worry if he did it right, he just did it!!! I think that’s the problem for so many of us Christians, is that we sit on worry or fear, and then don’t witness… where at least when we try (with God’s leading) we can just leave the results up to Him! We don’t have to worry about doing it “right”, JUST DO IT! Praise the Lord for a little child evangelist. I pray this will be the 1st of many witnessing encounters for Joey!! Praise The Lord!


Any thoughts??

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