Connect The Dots

God is amazing! ‘Course I probably don’t have to tell you that, but moments like what happened today just reiterate the fact. We were at our Basic Training with our mission board yesterday and today, and needless to say God blessed our socks off with practical, challenging and inspiring teaching for two days straight. The kicker, however, came as we were getting ready to leave and a gentleman came up to me for the sole purpose of encouraging me (and others in our group, but he was talking to me at the time) in the Lord. He is excited about the work in Findlay and shared with me the fact that he can remember specifically being in our area about a year and a half ago, and they began praying for a work to begin in Findlay!!! Funny thing is (yes, I am amazed at God’s sense of humor), that it was precisely a year and a half ago that Kevin and I did a Bible Study together, just me and him, which God used greatly to begin the call on our lives for church planting… Dot number one and the one that prompted this blog… but there’s more… In February, while we were visiting many different churches, we happened to be in the Columbus area to visit a Saturday night service and decided to make a two-fer weekend and find someplace to attend that Sunday morning. Saturday afternoon, our fearless leader and my husband still hadn’t chosen a place for us to attend and at the last minute decided on LifePoint Church in Delaware (we googled LifePoint earlier in the week just for kicks). There we met Dean Fulk, the pastor and a church planter with the SBC (we didn’t know it was a SBC church, and we hadn’t made any decisions about if we were going to affiliate ourselves with an association or just be independent.) After church, Kevin talked with him, shared our vision for our Findlay plant and Dean told him he had to meet Steve Long, an area associational missionary. Honestly, we were like, ok… if it happened it happened… if not no big deal (Dot #2). Well, about that same time, Jerry (a guy from our launch team) was helping his brother pack up and move, and who was there but Steve Long… Jerry had met Steve several times before and never knew what he did for a living. That particular day, in conversation he asked him, “So Steve, what do you do for a living?”

His response, “Well, Jerry, I help church planters in NW Ohio.”

“NO KIDDING, I’m part of a church planting team in Findlay.”

“You’re the ones Dean Fulk told me about…” (Dean called Steve to tell him, you have to meet Kevin and the gang in Findlay…) (DOT #3 and so on!)

Long story short, it’s FUN to be able to look back at this time, and already see how God was at work, connecting the dots for this ministry, LifePoint Community Church in Findlay, Ohio. Can’t wait to see more of the story unfold…

You are amazing God!


Any thoughts??

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