I’m A Believer!!!

… in the Magic Eraser!!! (NO, this is not a paid ad.) My very dear friend, bought me a 2-pack Magic Eraser for my birthday and I used it to clean what was once a beige leather couch turned funky brown! It was amazing! The couch was SO dirty that I pretty much used one whole eraser on that couch. I still have my regular sized couch to go, but I was too tired last night to tackle it as well. I should’ve taken a picture of the couch half-done, with one side beige and the other still funky brown, but like I said I was too tired and the ‘ol (older ) brain wasn’t quite workin’ up to par! It made me think of my Heavenly Father and His supernatural SIN eraser! Almost 11 years ago, He took His Super-Eraser and wiped away all my sins, made me white as snow (not beige like my couch) when I accepted Christ into my heart and life and repented and asked forgiveness for my sins! And His product is not even patented! It’s FREE and available to all! Have you been washed by the Super-Eraser??? If you’re not sure, message me and I will be glad to tell you how you too can be WHITE AS SNOW!


Any thoughts??

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