Sunshiny Spring Day!!

Today was a FABULOUS day!! Church this morning was super. God greatly spoke to my heart using our good friend Chad and 2 Samuel 24:24… David answering, “I will not offer to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” There is a COST to everything, and there is a cost to starting a new ministry. What will it cost? It will cost everything! It requires sacrifice of time, money. It takes commitment, service, discipline! I have been challenged and I thank my Jesus for the challenge!

After church, we had a cookout. I bought the BIG box of frozen hamburgers that Kevin cooked on the grill. It was in the 60’s today and SUNNY, which brought sunshine to my SOUL . Everyone brought salads, desserts etc. and the grilled burgers were o’ so yummy! 1st grilled burgers of the season… YUM!

Lauren and Brian are gettin’ their fill

Angela and Stacey are wearin’ smiles
The guys played basketball all afternoon in the driveway.

The kiddos played all afternoon in the neighborhood (along with the 100s of neighborhood kiddos, ok, maybe not 100s, but there were LOTS of kids out today

All three of my kiddos got boo-boos, scrapes from roller blading and just plain falling.. yet another sign of the Spring/Summer season! We all have pink cheeks tonight from the sun today, and the kids have CRASHED! We ended the evening by taking our friend Chad to Findlay’s famous Dietsch’s Ice Cream where I had a chocolate soda with vanilla ice cream (do I even need to say ‘o so yummy?!?!)

Even lil’ T took quickly to Chad

Finally, I want to share what a blessing Pastor Chad is to our family. We met him and his wife Carmen four years ago when they WON a trip to the Dominican sponsored by our missions organization (a plan to get pastors down to the Dominican to get to see the ministry). Well, the week they came in the fall was a down week. Hardly anything planned… so there we were thinking we were going to host some OLD pastor (no offense you older pastors…) and we had NO idea what we would do with them! Well, they showed up and they were YOUNG, in fact even younger than us!! LOL We hit it off with them, our spirits bared witness with theirs and we became fast friends. Chad and Carmen were a great encouragement to us when we were praying about coming back to the US, and then once again, when Kevin went down to Georgia last November to stay with them as he was praying for direction and discerning God’s will for this step in ministry! I’m thankful to God who orchestrates friendships like this, He is awesome!


Any thoughts??

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