The last installment… now you should be up to date 🙂

Let me take a moment or two to share the projected outline for LifePoint. First of all, I told you that we are not planting a church… we are going to LAUNCH LifePoint. A plant begins as a seed and grows slowly… we hope to LAUNCH the church in October with hundreds of people (I hate to put a number on this, but as much as God has been answering prayer above what we ask or think, I have faith that He will bring exactly who He wants to be there J). How are we going to do this?
1. With much prayer.
2. With the help of dedicated teammates.
3. With weekly vision meetings.
4. With raising $150,000 in pre-launch expenses.
5. With raising $250,000 in annual support (from supporters and members giving)
6. With strong community wide marketing (Mailings, Billboards, Radio, Etc.)
7. With unlimited service projects reaching out to the community.
8. With three preview services.
a) July 20th
b) August 10th
c) September 7th
9. With three outreach events.
a) August 3rd
b) August 31st
c) September 21st
10. LifePoint Findlay Launches October 5th 2008
11. LifePoint Findlay self-supportive after two years.
12. Within 3 to 4 years launching another church (Ottawa, Tiffin, B. G…)

“Our vision is Big,
and we serve a Big God.”

Any thoughts??

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