To continue on the current ministry, today we will address the question… WHY???

Why are we starting another church?? There are already 50+ churches in this county!!! Why in the world would we need another one???

Well, let me tell ya’. Of course, we know God doesn’t make mistakes and He knows how many churches there are in this area. Yet we spent about six months asking Him those questions. While we didn’t have all the answers, all we were asked to do was to obey. So obey we did. Then we went to Ocala, and THEY addressed some of these questions, so I am happy to share with you what we learned there:

  • North America is the only continent where Christianity is NOT growing!
    “The USA is now the 3rd largest mission field in the world!” – Thomas Clegg.
  • 85% of churches in America are plateaued or actively declining.” Steve Goodwin, Fuller Theological
  • In 1900, there were 27 churches for every 10,000 Americans. In 1996, there were 11 churches for every 10,000 Americans! If the current trend for church attendance continues in America, by 2050 only 11.7% of America will attend a Bible-based church.
  • People are more open to change in new churches.New congregations carry less institutional baggage, meaning they are more likely to respond to our rapidly changing culture.

And if those facts weren’t overwhelming enough, Kevin looked into our local statistics…

  • There are approximately 70,000 people in Hancock county alone.
  • Of that 70,000, only 30,000 attend church.
  • Of those 30,000, only 8500 attend a Bible-Preaching Salvation teaching churches.

That means that there are 40,000 plus “unchurched” people in Hancock County. Do you think one church alone can reach all the people??

Finally, to answer the question Why, I have attached our “Action Statement”. These four “Actions” encompass all that we hope to accomplish for God’s glory and the furtherance of His kingdom!


· LOVE: There’s no greater demonstration of Love than Jesus laying His life down for us. In return we will share that same love with our community and beyond. We will engage with spiritual seekers, helping them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. (Great Commission – Matthew 28:19-20)
· LEARN: Digging into God’s Word, we will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (Discipleship – Phil. 3:10/Gal. 5:1-2)
· LINK: We will link new believers in Christ to healthy relationships with other Christians. (Membership – Hebrews 10:25)
· LIVE: By applying the truth of God’s Word, we will live what we believe and put action to our faith. (Great Commandment/Hands & Feet of Jesus: Matt. 22:37-38/Galatians 2:20)

LifePoint Community Church will exist to “Connect the Community to Christ”, to launch a church that is relevant to this generation and ever changing to be relevant to the generations to come. We will be innovative with the methods, without changing the message of the Gospel. We will not accept the status quo. We will be a church that is continually looking to improve and be the sharpest we can be for Christ. We seek to be IN the community, not always asking people to come to US, but going TO the people like Jesus did. One question that we will be asking ourselves is this, “If LifePoint Community Church was no longer here, would the community miss it?”


Any thoughts??

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