WHAT??? Finally answered…

What in the world have we been doing?? Well, as you heard a few months ago, we have ventured into the realm of church-planting, yet we are not going to plant a church… I’ll explain more later. So, what have we been doing these past two months?? I’m finally going to tell ya’!!

Sunday, January 27th was our last Sunday at our previous ministry. That afternoon, we participated in our 1st community project as a team. It was great timing on behalf of our Father, and really was the transition, albeit short, into the new focus! The next day, Monday the 28th we left for Ocala, Florida to attend the NEXT conference for church planters. We were SO blessed to have three of the four couples represented there with us from our launch team. We learned SO much and God answered a myriad of questions we didn’t even know we had… and I will blog on THAT later (maybe tomorrow). On top of the learning, we had some sweet fellowship time along with some planning and brainstorming time. It didn’t hurt that the temps were in the 60’s and 70’s either!!!

Since then we have been in full swing praying and planning mode. We have visited several different churches throughout Ohio. I could blog on each one individually, but I don’t think I will EVER have time for that!! In a nutshell, God is using so many different ministries in different ways, and it’s encouraging to see how He uses creativity and individuality all across His world! We have gleamed many ideas from these visits of some things we would like to do at LifePoint and some things that we may not necessarily do.

We have also been having weekly planning meetings and devotions as a team. On top of that, we have been having “vision meetings” with people that may be interested in being a part of this growing LifePoint launch team. The way God has been bringing people together has been amazing, and I hope to blog on specific stories as time goes on. We have also been securing a location to rent for our Sunday services. Our #1 choice is to rent from a school, a school that would let us leave our “stuff” there and not have to set up each week (THAT WOULD BE AWESOME). We have not yet heard if we have been “approved” from that school <>. However, if choice #1 doesn’t work out, our #2 location isn’t a bad deal either. #2 has a gym (for our main service), a cafeteria (for our Kids Ministry), and two conference rooms (nursery and preschool areas). The thing with #2 is that we would have to set EVERYTHING up each week, and while we are willing, if we don’t have to do that we will be J.

Finally, so many things… We have a Federal Tax-ID number and a checking account!! We have sent out support letters to many who may be led to support this ministry for its first two years <>. The LifePoint website is also being developed. While it is not anywhere near finished… it’s well on the way. And, we have several outreach and community service events being planned for this Spring and Summer.

We are now meeting most Sundays at our house to worship together as a team. Things are moving and God is blessing. Of course, us impatient lil’ ‘ol human beings would like to see some things move a little faster, we are trusting God for His timing and His provision!


Any thoughts??

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