An American Hero

Tonight was emotional. We visited a young man who was severely injured while serving in Iraq and although he has been home for a few years, he has recently developed complications with his health and has a life threatening infection as a result. I don’t know the age of the young man, Justin, but I would guess early-mid 20s. His wife just had a baby about a month ago, and we (people from our church) put together a gift basket for her and the baby and went to visit Justin, who just a week ago wasn’t supposed to live through the night. We prayed for him, and he stirred a little bit. Then our friends who went with us, talked to him. They were the ones who led him to Christ when he was a teenager. He opened his eyes, starred at them and moved his arm and leg around a bit. His eyes said it all. The tech had told us before we went it, “Some people think he can’t hear when we talk to him, but I think he can.” I absolutely agree with her. When Shan started speaking, Justin spoke back with his eyes. He definitely recognized them, and I believe he was comforted by their visit (our visit, although he doesn’t know me and my husband).
In a situation like this, many things go through your mind. Of course, just how incredibly blessed we are, that we are healthy, we can hold and speak to and love on our children. Something he may never have the chance to do, but WE ARE PRAYING FOR A MIRACLE! I also was thinking about his sacrifice to our country. He is in this state for me and for you. He was willing to take shrapnel to his leg, even die for his country and for the freedom of people in another country. I’m a patriotic person. I love America and I do not take our freedoms for granted, and they ARE worth fighting for! Yet, as I stood in that room tonight, patriotism took a whole new level. It became personal. I mean, I truly have it all; a wonderful husband, three healthy great kids, a roof over my head, food to eat, I am free to worship my Savior, I get to vote on Tuesday and on and on… And I do pray for our soldiers serving overseas, but not enough. Yet before me, was one, unselfish young man, with a young wife and son at home, fighting for his life and like I said before, for me and for you. Thank you Justin. Thank you those who have served and are currently serving in our Armed forces. You are special and what you do for us unappreciative citizens back home is to be applauded and commended. This short amount of time I got to spend with you has changed my life.
Finally, the last thing I thought about was this was a picture of our Jesus, wounded, left to die, yet He did it willingly, and He did it for me and for you. I’m forever grateful.

Any thoughts??

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