Grubbies IN Da’ Snow

If you know ANYTHING about me yet, it’s that I do NOT like winter and if I could call us to serve Jesus somewhere, it would be warm all year long. Well, we had a WONDERFUL time in the snow yesterday. Kevin was going to be flying into Detroit Tuesday morning, and with the snowy forcast, I decided to pack up the kiddos and spend the night at my parents in Toledo, so I would be half-way to the airport come Tuesday morning. That ended up being a good plan, since we got 5-6 inches of the white stuff overnight. My happiness about the snow started late Monday night, after everyone was in bed. Miss Nala (our golden retriever, who LOVES going to Grammy’s house because there are so many trees, squirrels, birds, little animals etc. and NOW a new puppy to boot!) was panting and whining to go out… and even though I was in my jammies and snuggled in my bed I knew she needed to go out at this point. So, I slipped on my coat and my Dad’s boots, and out we went. I thank God for that moment because it was such a peaceful, lovely moment. The snow was falling, so delicately and the branches and roads were already covered blanketing a beautiful wintery scene. It was SO quite outside. You know those times when you can just feel God? This was one of them!! I didn’t take my camera ( and wished I had).
(It is SOOOO funny to see Nala acting like an adult… She is usually the puppy. She let Brutus jump all over her… all the time!!! )

The next morning, Miss Nala, once again (before MY alarm went off) wanted to go out, so on with the coat and boots. Now, my parents have a new puppy, a little Miniature Schnauzer named Brutus (yes, they’re Buckeye fans) and Mr. Brutus heard us rustling around and started yipping, so I scooped him up and out we went. It was hilarious! I set him down, he ran and followed Nala into the snow, and ran RIGHT back to the porch. If doggies could talk, I think he said, “WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED TO MY YARD???” Finally, I patted down a little area that wouldn’t swallow him up and he was able to “tinkle.” All that to say, still that morning, it was so beautiful! Five – Six inches of the white fluffy stuff, still so quiet outside… God could almost be leading me to like snow a little bit .

Thankfully, the roads were managable to be able to pick up Kevin from the airport, and once I was on I-75 it was smooth sailing. After we returned, the kiddos and Iwent out and made a snow man (who needs to go on a diet ) and went sledding down the hill in front of Mom & Dad’s. (Kevin took a nap. He didn’t sleep too well at the CHEAP hotel I booked him for his meeting!!! Live and learn!!) Anyways, it was a blast! I didn’t need to use the elliptical last night… got my workout climbing up the hill!! I was able to take some pix with my Mom’s camera, so enjoy.

Brutus with his HEAD in the SNOW!


Any thoughts??

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